Meet the Author

Photo Credit: Ms.Magnolia Lady Photgraphy

Ashley Pugh is a native of Baton Rouge and proud author of Alphabet Gumbo, an enchanting journey through her home state of Louisiana.  She believes that strong, healthy communities are built in the home surrounded by books, beauty, and beignets!  

As a graduate of the Howard University School of Education, she understands the importance of creating a robust environment that empowers and enriches both children and their caregivers.  Ashley sought to create something special that families could cherish for years to come.

Alphabet Gumbo provides an opportunity for readers to expand their vocabulary as they delve into Louisiana history, culture, and tradition. Inspired by her beloved family and friends, Alphabet Gumbo is a literary treat and treasured addition to bookshelves across the country.   

Ashley currently resides in Atlanta, GA.  

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